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Our Programs:

1. Treat and Distribute

Our main goal at ZGH is to support health and resilience in communities impacted by tropical diseases. We work independently and in collaboration with traditional and medical practitioners to treat people with diseases such as malaria, typhoid, and parasites through homeopathic outreaches, test-and-treat facilities, and pop-up clinics throughout rural and urban areas in East Africa. Since 2011, we have directly served 8,500 people and indirectly impacted 34,000 individuals. We’ve also volunteered in clinics and hospitals in Tanzania to support the integration of homeopathy into conventional settings.

Recently we expanded our focus to include a school lunch program and school sponsorship program at Mahoma Falls, Mboga Primary, and Lyantonde schools in rural Uganda. Similarly to tropical diseases, food insecurity is a public health crisis that limits people's ability to work and go to school, leading them into a cycle of poverty. Many students experience food insecurity on a daily basis, which directly compromises their immune system and makes them more likely to get sick or struggle to focus in class. Furthermore many students are forced to drop out of school to forage for food in nearby forests. ZGH started our school lunch program on the basis that adequate nutrition is crucial for our remedies to take effect and to truly advance community health. In addition to lunches, our school sponsorship program provides children with school fees, books, uniforms, sanitary pads, and other scholastic supplies. Donate directly to our school lunch program here.

2. Teach and Collaborate

Teaching and spreading awareness about homeopathy are integral to our purpose at ZGH. In 2013 we started the “Barefoot Homeopathy Initiative” to assist local doctors in opening clinics in communities with no existing clinics within a 20 kilometer (12.4 mile) radius across East and Central Africa. We’ve opened two clinics in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one in Kinshasa and another in Bukavu, and started a children's program reaching several districts to treat children with Malaria and ringworm. As part of the Barefoot Homeopathy Initiative, we provide a free supply of remedies, drop into the clinic 4 times to assess progress, mentor local doctors to run the clinic, and collaborate with international dentists, doctors, and nurses to work in the clinics. We also provide mentorship to homeopaths with currently existing clinics to increase the viability and sustainability of their practices.


Zuri Global Health increases awareness and accessibility to homeopathy by informing the general public of its benefits and collaborating with the medical community. We do this through teaching classes about homeopathy to medical staff (both doctors and support staff), laypeople, and village health teams across East Africa. In addition, we’ve organized medical events to share best medical practices between homeopaths and other medical professionals.

3. Advocate

Zuri Global Health plays a crucial role in advancing the field of homeopathy on a local, national, and global scale. In partnership with the Ugandan Society of Homeopaths, ZGH advocated for the inclusion of homeopathy in the Traditional and Indigenous Medicine Bill, which legalized traditional medicine in Uganda. Since then we’ve partnered with the National Drug Authority to model safe and clear standards for selling remedies to increase the capability of other traditional medicine practitioners to sell their medicines. This includes bottle labeling, ingredient lists, and instructions for taking the medicine. In response to the devastating and widespread impacts of Malaria, we became participants of Rollback Malaria in Uganda, a program through the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and joined in World Malaria Day events to promote homeopathic remedies as treatments for Malaria. We’ve also presented at several scientific and medical (both conventional and traditional) conferences to advocate for homeopathy.

4. Research and Develop

ZGH has successfully created and registered several homeopathic/herbal combination medicines with the Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA). Our medicines are the first homeopathic remedies to be registered with the Ugandan NDA. In 2019 we conducted a pilot study to demonstrate the efficacy of MalaRid, our anti-malaria treatment, which was shown to have a 95% effectiveness rate. This is as effective as the current gold standard pharmaceutical for treating malaria and is authorized by the Ministry of Health as a first line treatment in uncomplicated malaria. Research and development of new remedies is one of our ongoing programs and we are excited to be at the forefront of the global expansion of homeopathy.

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