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"Appreciation for the support given to our school: We the management, parents and staff of Mahoma Falls Orphanage Nursery and primary school, we really extend our sincere thanks to [Zuri Global Health] for having joined us in supporting our children in terms of getting lunch at school and sponsoring some children.

Keep that good spirit of helping the needy, community and the school."

Turyatunga Deus, Director of Mahoma Falls Orphanage Nursery and Primary School, Uganda

"It is safe gentle and it works!"

Helen Kimball-Brooke, UK

"I got typhoid last year and without meds, was beyond miserably sick for a week. Recently got typhoid again (in a different country), but this time I had Zuri Medicine's Typho-Curum. I had a miserable and very annoying 24 hours, but that was it. I'm very grateful for Typho-Curum!

I'm also borderline anemic, a problem which developed after I became a long distance runner. I combat it by taking an iron supplement, but I am out of it and unable to find it in Zanzibar. So, I bought the Blood Builder too and started using it. The very next day, I could feel it. Two days later, I was back to naturally waking up at my normal time of between 6-7am.

Since these two products work very well, I'm certain all of the other products do too!"

Asha Zuri, Zanzibar

"Michelle is an amazing woman who brings her love of people to her homepathic practice. From the east coast of the USA to the African continent the world is a better place for having her in it practicing her medicine."

Dawn Thebarge Hill, USA

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